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There is a vast difference between men and women in recovery. The single most important gender difference in addiction is access to treatment. Women are much less likely to be insured, much more likely to be poor, and are more likely to have the responsibility of children to care for. Additional complications include: the paucity of medical research on women's health, the stigma of female addiction, higher incidence of sexual trauma and abuse and the heightened sensitivity of women's bodies to alcohol and other drugs. Finally, treatment services were initially planned with men in mind, not considering that women might also fall victim to the ravages of addiction.

With all these things in mind, we have taken the effort to put together a tract of services specifically designed for women. We offer a discreet and gender specific group and an individual outpatient opportunity for women to attain recovery. These services are provided in a calm and soothing environment that supports your efforts to take the risk to make steps toward ongoing recovery at your pace, not ours. We have learned that pushing people tends to encourage behavioral or literal relapse-women have often been pushed throughout their lives, we will support YOU to find your way. We will honor your needs and beliefs as opposed to imposing our needs and beliefs on you. Central to all of our services is the core understanding that your values, your self concept, and the way you view the world must be an intrinsic part of your treatment if we are to be successful in mapping a road to recovery with your specific needs in mind.

Because the needs of women are different from men, we offer flexible hours and we can create a personalized program to fit into your family and career schedule because we understand that you might not be able to fit into one of our pre-designed programs. We do whatever we can to make coming into treatment palatable and possible for you! We hope to help you overcome this painful, destructive illness while allowing you to continue your life obligations with minimal interruption.

If this sounds like something that might work for you, please give us a call to learn more or utilize our submission form and someone will get back to you right away. Thank you for taking the time to read this statement regarding our Women's program, as we see this as an important and timely step in our treatment efforts.

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