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For more information or to schedule a personal interview, please contact us either via email by clicking on the contact button on this page or at info@weylandservices.com. You may also call us at (925) 588-8833 and someone will respond within 3 hours. We look forward to serving you.
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Weyland Consultation Services, Drug Abuse & Addiction - Info & Treatment, Walnut Creek, CA

It is our mission to provide a discreet outpatient treatment alternative to adults and adolescents in need of Chemical Dependency Services. By so doing, we hope to positively affect the people we serve and the communities in which they live. Utilizing competent and caring staff, we provide solutions through education, prevention, treatment and consultation. We believe that by learning to deal with issues related to substance misuse, all family members will have the opportunity to rebuild relationships along the road to recovery.

It is also our goal to help you understand and deal with the problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and long-term consequences of substance use. To this end, we bring an array of tried and true clinical skills to underscore your recovery from substance abuse. It is our primary goal to always be accessible and prepared to offer the highest standard of care possible.

We are client-centered, believing that affected persons and families have the capacity and ability to change and that our job is to assist them in developing a personalized program of recovery. We therefore do not find it necessary to implement negative controls or punishments, tearing down or stripping away layers of the client's personality in order to re-build or re-create them. Our programs are based on the idea that recovery is a process and that lapses and relapses are a part of this process for some clients.

While we know that addiction negatively impacts the very fabric of our society. We also know that addiction is a treatable problem from which people are recovering daily. When you seek counseling from us, one of the greatest gifts we have to offer is our core belief in your ability to get better.


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