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The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a comprehensive and highly individualized program designed to help individuals address chemical dependency issues. The outpatient program, as opposed to an inpatient program, allows the individual to remain home with his/her family, resolve current life problems, and continue working. We believe that addictive disorders arise from multiple causes and have serious physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Ideal treatment involves withdrawal from all toxic substances within a drug-free, warm, supportive environment capable of effective intervention in the destructive process of psychoactive substance abuse. For many, this can best be accomplished in an intensive, structured, therapeutic outpatient environment. The degree of your commitment to the program will be the best indicator of your chance for successful recovery.

You will find the atmosphere safe and discreet and our staff understanding of your condition and needs. You will gain support from others like yourself while contributing toward the recovery of others as well. Like yourself, others that choose our program are looking for a confidential treatment alternative. To provide this, we keep our groups to a maximum of eight primary participants, enabling you to get the treatment you need without compromising your community or employment relationships.

The program consists of individual and group counseling services designed to work with core issues of chemical dependency. We also have Detox Acupuncture available for those who may need support with withdrawal symptoms. Detox Acupuncture can greatly reduce cravings, aid in relaxation and sleep, and provide physiological help with early drug and alcohol detoxification. Finally, we provide random urinalysis testing to help support your recovery efforts.

The groups will cover the following areas of treatment, with additional content that will be added to address the unique needs of group members. In other words the group remains fluid, addressing the needs of the members that are in it, as opposed to a scripted process that may or may not meet the needs of the existing group members. The following are just some of the types of issues covered:

  • Re-establishing or maintaining family relationships that support your recovery
  • Relapse prevention
  • Developing a solid base of self-esteem
  • Developing leisure activities without the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Learning healthy boundaries
  • Finding a comfortable spiritual path
  • Learning to express your feelings and needs, so that you need not mask feelings with substances

Weyland Consultation Services IOP program consists of ten consecutive weeks of treatment. Groups meet two nights per week (Monday and  Wednesday). If needed we will design a 3 session program for you at a day or evening time that meets your schedule needs. One weekly individual session will be scheduled each week to help you address aspects of your recovery that may need special attention. Throughout the intensive program, a weekly family meeting will be held to address familial issues and provide the opportunity for the family to explore how it has been affected by chemical dependency. Weyland Consultation Services views chemical dependency as a family illness and we are available, throughout your treatment, to help your family and friends find ways to support your recovery while caring for themselves.

Who is the Program for?
Our program is designed for adults and adolescents who are dealing with a chemical dependency problem(s). The following details just a few of the reasons one might enter our IOP program:

  • You are looking for an individualized treatment experience in a discreet setting
  • You are in early stage recovery and in need of ongoing support and stabilization
  • You have a Court Mandate to attend an outpatient treatment program
  • You have had a recent relapse with a need for increased outpatient support
  • You need a transitional compliment to a recent inpatient treatment episode
  • You want to make that initial bid for recovery without entering an inpatient program

Program Cost
All services at Weyland Consultation are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Fees are based on the program provided and will be reviewed with you once your service plan is developed. Full payment is due at the beginning of your program. Individuals are responsible for their own insurance billing, if applicable, and will be provided with a superbill for submitting claims. If needed, we will review your financial situation with you in order to design a payment plan that meets your needs. For more information please contact us Toll free at (877) 939-5263, or at info@weylandservices.com.

Aftercare Program
Because aftercare is a critical component of developing ongoing recovery, we provide weekly aftercare groups to support your ongoing recovery. During the Aftercare phase of treatment in addition to your weekly group you may also be in ongoing family sessions as needed. In addition, you will continue to have phone access to your counselor to help support you in times of difficulty. Individual therapy, acupuncture and longer aftercare programs are available if desired and may be discussed with your counselor.

Will I be required to attend 12 step meetings?
No. While we believe that these support groups are helpful to some people, we do not hold a one size fits all attitude or approach to treatment. We will help you explore how to develop a support group or support network that best fits your values and your beliefs.

Do I have to tell my employer I am attending?
No! You do not need to tell anyone you do not want to. In fact, many people choose our program because they are concerned that involvement by their employer could jeopardize their career. It is important to note that there may be instances when the support of your employer may be advantageous in your bid for recovery.

I have looked at other programs and I feel like I just don't fit in. Will this happen with your program?
Of course there is no guarantee you will feel like you fit, but we do provide an environment that is different in this area. Many of our clients are senior management, self-employed, professionals or semi-retired, so you may find you have more in common than you expect. Our groups are quite small, providing you the opportunity to get to know people and discuss any fears and concerns you may have.

How can you help my family members?
It is essential that your family and friends understand their role as support members in your treatment. They, and you, will need help to establish appropriate boundaries during this difficult time. We prepare you and your loved ones for the necessary integration of a new way of interacting and relating that allows all parties to be cared for in this early stage of recovery. Most importantly we individualize treatment approaches based on our collaborative assessment of the unique needs of your family.

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