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Alcohol Detox Symptoms

Can I make a payment arrangement? Yes, we often make financial arrangements with people who state that paying program fees up front may cause them a hardship. We ask that you explain your specific needs by providing us with enough information to arrive at a fair and equitable accommodation for you and Weyland Consultation Services.

Is your outpatient treatment program structured to work with the ever changing schedules of business professionals? Some fifty percent of the people we serve are looking for a flexible treatment program option.  We make every effort to work with you when you are in town, while offering you phone, homework, and media support when you are away. Lastly we will not ding you so to speak for the services you’ve missed while away. Rather, we will simply allow you to make up whatever is deemed by you and program staff as important to your overall treatment success. This way you still get what you paid for without significant interruption of your other life commitments. After all, life must go on no matter the situation you find yourself in.

Are participants required to attend AA or other 12 step meetings? No, we do not take the position of dictating where people receive support. However it is our position that any program that works well will have exposed it’s participants to community based support systems so that they will have access to an ongoing place of support within their own communities. How we differ is that we feel support, much as treatment should fit the beliefs and values of the person utilizing it. So we work with you to find a support vehicle that you can engage in.

I have an out of state DUI, can you help? Yes. We work with out of state driving offenses frequently as we have the certifications required to provide such services. While our private services are our main focus, we also have a significant forensic resume having provided most of the Federal Probation, Federal Pre-Trial, and Bureau of Prison’s outpatient services in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last nine years. We know our way around the legal system in terms of providing and reporting about such services in a manner that insures that our findings and statements to the court have significant credence.

Are groups vs. individual an option? Yes. Some people simply prefer to receive all of their services individually. While we believe strongly in the benefit of group work, we equally respect that you know where you feel most comfortable. Your level of comfort will go to your ability to engage in the services that are being rendered. Here again we will honor your values and self assessment of what will work for you.

What about drug treatment confidentiality? We provide a discreet treatment alternative for those seeking to get help without advertising their situation, which in some cases can literally cause harm. In fact, a cornerstone of what we do here is based on the concept of discretion, which is why we get a lot of people in positions where it simply would be disastrous if their situation came to light. Even our name Weyland Consultation Services is meaningless in terms of the services we provide and this is done by design.

How big are your programs ⁄ groups? We are a for profit entity, and therefore do not have people from various county or state mandated referral resources in our programs. Thus, we have small groups, typically 6-7 people and when we start to get bigger we start another group. We have found that for maximum clinical benefit the smaller group venue increases our success rate, and assures that all members will be engaged in the treatment process. You will not be overlooked because you did not speak up.

What is your philosophy? We are client-centered, believing that affected persons and families have the capacity and ability to change and that our job is to assist them in developing a personalized program of recovery. We therefore do not find it necessary to implement negative controls or punishments, tearing down or stripping away layers of the client's personality in order to re-build or re-create them. Our programs are based on the idea that recovery is a process and that lapses and relapses are a part of this process for some clients.

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Alcohol: The spectrum of alcohol withdrawal symptoms ranges from such minor symptoms as insomnia and tremulousness to severe complications such as withdrawal seizures and delirium tremens (so called DT’s). What is most important about alcohol detoxification is that it must be monitored by a physician as it can be fatal in rare cases due to seizures, heart palpitations, and other cardiovascular complications. Back to top

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