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Weyland Consultation Services, Drug Abuse & Addiction - Info & Treatment, Walnut Creek, CA

Weyland Consultation Services provides an Intensive Outpatient Program, in our Walnut Creek California offices, geared toward the needs of adolescents who are abusing alcohol or drugs.  This ten- week program meets up to five times a week thereby creating a strong foundation from which your loved one can make a successful bid for lasting recovery.  Groups and  Accupuncture are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with one individual session a week as well. Often individual sessions are provided on Friday or Saturday to insure that your child has something built into their weekend that keeps them on track and connected to their treatment objectives.       

As a parent, the realization that your teen may be using drugs or alcohol can be frightening. At Weyland Consultation Services we provide you and your teen the support and guidance needed to navigate this difficult time. 

Teen substance use can be experimental or transitory. Therefore, it is important to proceed with caution. We do not, for example, label teens as drug addicts or alcoholics, sparing them a lifelong label that may not be accurate.  Before placing an adolescent in one of our programs, we begin with a thorough assessment to determine if a program is needed. If treatment is indicated, we know that we must engage your teen if the treatment process is to successful.  We have the experience needed to connect with your teen in a way that helps him or her feel safe, understood and willing to try something different. 

Teens face several challenges that they must overcome if they are to succed in treatment.  Developmentally they are in the process of separating from their parents.  Additionally they are trying to establish their own identities, values, and beliefs.  Unfortunately, this natural developmental dilemma makes it very difficult for teens to talk openly with their parents about their substance use or it's underpinnings.  Thus, if is often times an outside person that can provide a perspective that helps them honestly look at problems and become willing to do something about them.  Another challenge they face is negotiatiing their social world.  Working with your teen in learning to make healthy relationship choices, and helping them to develop the values and standards that will allow them to negotiate their peer environment is crucial to a positive treatment outcome.   

Our treatment approach involves the following:

  • We utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach that is based on the belief that substance use and abuse is an outgrowth of social learning. 
  • We expose your teen only to other teens in similar situations, as opposed to exposure to teens who are into criminal or gang behavior.  Your teen will not learn how to be a better abuser while under our care. 
  • We use support, kindness and respect to engage and help your teen through this time.  Ongoing engagement is the conerstone of our treatment approach.   
  • We encourage your teen to begin making healthy decisions  – but only after teaching him or her how to do so.
  • We help your teen to make sense of the feelings that inspired him or her to use alcohol or drugs in the first place – whether it be an underlying psychiatric disorder such as depression, for example, or simply the need to belong to a certain peer group.  We then help them to develop alternative coping repsonses to life's problems.  
  • We help you support your teen in a way that encourages a healthy exchange between you and your loved one.


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